Oshawa Driving Experience

Oshawa is one of Ontario’s cities in Canada. It is located on the shores of Lake Ontario with a population of over 150,000 persons as projected in the 2011 census report. The city lies at approximately sixty kilometers to the East of Downtown Toronto.

Due to its fast growth, Oshawa has witnessed robust infrastructural development within the past few years including well-constructed and maintained roads. It has a number of driving schools which helps in training drivers on how to safely ferry passengers and themselves to and from home. After completing and passing the test, you will be given a driving license. There are also stringent traffic regulations that are a means of making drivers and road users to keep track on good usage of roads. This ensures driving in Oshawa is safe.

If you are not well versed with the city’s routes and traffic rules, it is advisable to either use a public means of transport or take a taxi. Alternatively, you may hire a qualified driver in case you have your own car. Additionally, be cautioned of the traffic when driving in Oshawa. You should be able to know how to maneuver around all the streets in the city.

There is a notion that if you are able to drive in Oshawa for a year without getting involved in an accident, violation of traffic rules or bribing, then you can safely drive on any other road in the world. Driving here is not for the kind hearted ones and the softies but you have to be a ‘ninja’ despite the rules. Despite the good condition of the roads, the speed limit has been lowered compared to that of highway roads in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

There are a number of things that my piss you off when driving in Oshawa. Traffic is one of the major issue that you are likely to experience. It is not every time that you will be stuck in a traffic. There are times when it is so thick that you may even turn off your engine and there are times when is slow but moving. Some drivers hoot anyhow especially when the traffic lights turn green. Instead, they should wait until the vehicle in front starts to move. Other drivers may even overtake on roundabouts. This is most likely to cause accidents and is also a traffic offense. the good thing is that there are alternative routes to the place you are going. In case of traffic, you can use these routes and save some little time.